Fire Season in San Diego

wild-fireAs the temperature increases and the climate is dryer, San Diego area homeowners should be thinking about the proper precautions to take to prepare for fire season. According to Ready for Wildfire, the winter of 2014 and early 2015 brought little rain and low snowfall. California’s ongoing drought and high temperatures continue to increase the probability of wildfire.

Wildfires cause hazardous smoke and ash to fill the air. Make sure your indoor air quality isn’t jeopardized with expert tips from RighTime Home Services San Diego.

  • Clean Air Filters: Before fire season begins, check your air filters to make sure they are clean. Dirty filters require your AC to work harder than it needs to and therefore could be using more energy than normal. For optimal performance, call the experts at RighTime to change your air filters at least every three months or more often, if necessary.
  • Prep Your Home If a Fire Is Near: recommends keeping your doors and windows closed so that smoke and ash can’t enter your home.
  • Run Your AC: Running the air conditioner will keep fresh air circulating throughout the home, preventing smoke, dust and debris from getting in to the house through open windows.
  • Air Purifiers: RighTime recommends having an air purifier in each room, or whole-home air purifier, which will also alleviate any odors from the smoke and polluted air.
  • Keep it up: Prep ahead of time! Have your system inspected by a heating and air conditioning expert to guarantee your unit is running properly and efficiently, all year-round.

If you’re interested in learning more about indoor air quality during fire season, or want to schedule a maintenance visit by one of our air conditioning and heating experts, give us a call at (619) 493-3791 or visit