World Plumbing Day

Have you ever considered yourself lucky when you turn on your faucet to clean water? In some developing countries, plumbing and clean water is either non-existent or damaged, which can cause serious health issues due to the lack of sanitation.

According to the World Health Organization, one billion people do not have access to safe water supplies1. For that reason, the World Plumbing Council created World Plumbing Day, as an international event held on March 11 each year to recognize the important role plumbing plays in the health and safety of societies around the globe.

Here are just a few reasons how plumbing positively impacts our health, safety, water sustainability and more:

  • Plumbing systems allow water to be distributed and sanitized for health, hygiene, hydration and other purposes. Without plumbing, water would not be safe to consume or use in any way.
  • Plumbing professionals repair and perform regular maintenance to wastewater treatments and sewers, which is critically important. If those systems work properly, bacteria and diseases can be effectively eliminated from water.
  • Plumbing has a large role in environmental efforts by promoting sustainable living through innovative technologies, such as re-usable water, solar water heating and desalination.
  • Plumbing helps the economy, by providing jobs to millions of people around the world.

World Plumbing Day brings awareness and promotes friendly water usage. According to the World Plumbing Council, fixing a leak or simply keeping your plumbing system maintained can save up to 1,000 gallons a month2.

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