Think Green Contest Over The Years

think-greenIf you’ve been following our blog over the years, you’ve probably heard us talk about the Think Green Contest. RighTime first partnered with the Temecula Education Foundation in 2013 to begin the Think Green Contest, an effort to give back to the Temecula Valley Unified School District and raise awareness among students about the best practices in energy conservation.

The contest encourages kindergarten through 12th-grade students to enter their best ideas on how to reduce the load on the energy grid and share the type of impact their idea could have on the community.

Community involvement is important to our team at RighTime, and giving back to our local schools and students is of the highest priority. Over the years, we’ve received entries from thousands of students who are “thinking green.” We get more impressed each year!

In honor of our fourth-annual Think Green Contest wrapping up this month, we wanted to take a look back at our amazing student winners over the years.

  • 2013 First Place Winner – Lauren Schlanksky, Chaparral High School. Awarded $500 for her innovative and environmentally-friendly essay idea on energy-saving cars.
  • 2014 First Place Winner – Miranda Schulz, Great Oak High School. Awarded $500 for her essay on how to make digital programmable thermostats affordable for everyone.
  • 2015 First Winner – Alexander Choi, Temecula Preparatory School. Awarded $500 for his essay on the advancement of engineered bioluminescence to reduce the overall consumption of electricity and energy.
  • 2013 Second Place Winner – Jack Nelson, Margarita Middle School. Awarded $300 for his model on energy-efficient homes.
  • 2014 Second Place – Matthew Schork, Margarita Middle School. Awarded $300 for his model explaining how to turn the average home into a “green,” energy-efficient hub.
  • 2015 Second Place – Matthew Schork, Margarita Middle School. Awarded $300 for his presentation on the use and effectiveness of “Green Hotels” on the community and energy grid.
  • 2013 Third Place Winner – Sophia Zeida, Rancho Elementary. Awarded $200 for her idea of a wood-free golf tee to prevent waste.
  • 2014 Third Place – Paisley Trent, Margarita Middle School. Awarded $200 for her essay and drawing on how lighting in schools can be changed to conserve energy.
  • 2015 Third Place – Justin Magallanes, Tony Tobin Elementary. Awarded $200 for his cartoon drawing on how recycling trucks can use detachable solar panels to power their vehicles and cut down on smog emissions and gas.

Winners of our fourth-annual Think Green Contest will be announced at the 6th Annual Taste of Temecula Valley on April 30, 2016. Will you be attending? For more information about the “Think Green” contest, email

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