Reduce Pet Dander and Keep Cool This Summer

dogIn the heart of the summer in the Inland Empire, it can get to be too hot outside for comfort, even for dogs. For example, throwing the tennis ball more than a couple tosses can lead to man’s best friend panting after just a couple laps around the yard. Naturally, you both retreat to the cool comfort of your home’s air conditioning.

All of this extra time spent indoors by your pets can contribute to a build up of pet hair and dander in your HVAC system. Clogged air filters and air ducts from these and other potential allergens can allergy symptoms, and decrease your air conditioner’s efficiency.

Don’t suffer through summer in a hot house, or sweat your cooling bill because of an inefficient and clogged HVAC system. Keeping you and your best friend cool all summer can be easier with just a few tips.

  • First, it all starts with your dog. Make sure it gets a bath more regularly during the warm months. Just like you might deserve an extra shower or two after spending time outside in the heat! Dedicate a little extra time to cleaning up after your pets inside, too. Regularly vacuuming will decrease the amount of pet hair and dander that eventually lands in your home’s HVAC system.
  • Air filters rated to remove dander and other tiny allergens are a must. We also recommend changing air filters at least every three months; more often if needed. To take your home’s air quality a step further, consider installing a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, if your system is configured to use HEPA filtration. Some filters can restrict airflow and can actually make your system work harder.

Here’s to a summer of, hopefully, no seasonal allergies, and continue cooling off in the comfort of your home with “man’s best friend” by your side, thanks to an efficient and effective HVAC system.

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