Prep Your Pipes for Fall

water-pipeWhile the summer heat continues into October, it’s hard to believe that fall is here. Even a 10-degree swing in the temps can put stress on your pipes. So, before the temperatures start to drop (if only slightly) it’s time to reduce your stress and your pipes’ stress with a check-up:

  • Check for leaks on all exposed pipes around the house and foundation, plus faucets and showerheads.
  • Check drainage on all drains, because slow drainage could indicate blockage in your pipes.
  • Check for corrosion by looking for green stains on shutoff valves and brass or copper fittings.
  • Check water pressure to make sure it’s between 35-80 psi. Anything below 50 or above 75 psi could indicate a problem. The washing machine is a great place to attach a water gauge to check the water pressure.
  • Check the water heater to make sure the burner chamber does not have rust flakes and that the burner chamber’s flame is blue. To remove sediment that may have built up at the bottom, drain the water heater.

First off, find out exactly how old your home’s plumbing is, because older pipes are more prone to problems. Also, don’t let little things like low water pressure, slow drainage, or discolored water go unnoticed. Those could be warning signs for more major plumbing problems.

If you do notice any of these warning signs or other problems after your pipes’ check-up, it’s time to call in a professional. Give RighTime Home Services in Riverside a call at (951) 338-9677 or visit