Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

indoor-airWhile daily exposure to outdoor pollutants is an important health issue, indoor air quality is also important for good health. Even with busy schedules, adults and children spend more than half of their time at home. Common health issues such as respiratory disease, Bronchitis, fatigue, headaches and rashes are often aggravated by poor indoor air quality.

For families welcoming new babies into the home, it may be time to take a good look at what improvements can be made for peace of mind concerning the air inside your home.

When pollen counts are low and while the weather allows, prop open doors and windows to encourage ample air flow throughout your home. It is especially important to properly ventilate during and after cleaning when chemicals can build up. Lingering odors from cooking and refuse should be dealt with as quickly as possible. Most kitchens come equipped with exhaust fans, be sure to use yours whenever possible.

Thinking of using your tax return to fund a few much needed home improvements? Consider a few air quality-improving tips like switching to hardwood floors! Carpets can harbor dander and dust. Additionally, if you are looking to improve your air conditioner or heating systems, it may be time to check that your current units are the correct size for your space. This can substantially improve the air flow throughout the home, not to mention save on cooling and heating costs!

Speaking of air system check ups, a thorough cleaning of vents and replacement of filters can substantially improve air quality around the home. With spring on the horizon and winter nearly behind us, your heating and your cooling systems are ready for a proper check up.

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