4 Reasons Your HVAC Unit Needs a Check-Up Now

heatSpring is upon us here in Southern California, and the hot weather has come early! If you’re living in the Inland Empire, you’ve probably already fired up your HVAC unit once or twice already. With the heat coming early this year, you’ll want your HVAC unit to run smoothly in the months ahead. Luckily, there is still time to prepare for spring and summer.

It is important to have your air conditioner checked, ideally before the consistently hot temperatures, to ensure that it will start up without issue when you need it the most.

As the one of the largest home services companies in Southern California, RighTime has fixed countless HVAC units. And while we’ve seen just about every problem an HVAC unit can have, here are four of the most common problems air conditioning unit may have after a period of non-use:

    • Refrigerant Leaks. These are one of the top mechanical problems that can happen to your HVAC unit. Vibration of the unit or weakening of joints over time causes these leaks. The good news? Catch it early enough and it can often be a quick fix.
    • Dirty Air Filter. Make sure to change your air filter every three months to get the best quality air throughout your home and to keep your unit running efficiently. A better way to remember: change your air filters after every season!
    • Sensor Complications. If the sensor has been knocked out of place during the winter months, you won’t be able to get an accurate read on the actual temperature versus your desired temperature. If your HVAC unit reads one temp, but the air feels like another, then you may need to have your sensor check by an HVAC professional.
    • Drainage Issues. Even in the winter months, it gets humid! As part of your routine maintenance, your HVAC professional will check your unit for clogs, leaks and everything in between caused by humidity.

Convinced it’s time to get a check-up? Routine maintenance can save you big in the long run. Give the professionals at RighTime Home Services in the Inland Empire a call today at (866) 518-6489 or visit www.rightimeservices.com to schedule your appointment.