How to Care for a Christmas Tree

5275681025_4d0dd0c06a_bWith the holidays approaching, many homeowners are planning their holiday decorations and purchasing a Christmas tree. Having a fresh tree requires care, and keeping your tree hydrated is the key to maintaining its healthy, vibrant life. Trees drink a lot of water, as much as a gallon or more a day, with larger trees needing even more! A properly-maintained tree can last anywhere from two to four weeks.

If you plan on putting up a fresh Christmas tree this season, see below for some safety tips and precautions:

  • When purchasing a live tree, check for freshness. Make sure the needles are soft and are not falling off. Hard, brittle needles are signs of a dry tree, which can catch fire more easily than a fresh, hydrated tree.
  • Be sure to choose a tree stand that can fit around the entire width of your tree’s trunk, and that the stand has a minimum capacity of 1 quart of water for every inch of stem diameter. Check your tree’s water daily, and continue to add plain tap water to cover the tree base.
  • Always unplug and turn off tree lights when leaving the house or going to bed. This will help lower energy costs, and could help prevent a house fire when away from the home.
  • Replace worn, damaged or cracked lights and electrical cords connected to your Christmas tree.
  • Install, check and test smoke detectors in the home, in case of an emergency.

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