Top 6 Safety Tips to Prep Your Home for Holiday Travel


It’s finally cooling down in Southern California, and before you know it, winter will arrive. With the holidays approaching, many people will be traveling to see family and friends, leaving their own homes unattended in the cold. 

Did you know that if you don’t properly prepare your house for your absence during holiday travel, you could return to find higher energy bills or water leaks? By sparing just 30 minutes of your time, you can reduce the chances of these accidents occurring.


Before the cold, wet weather hits, and before you jet off for the holidays, take a look at these top 5 safety tips to keep your home safe:

  • Turn off your water at the main valve. This can help prevent any unwanted leaks while you’re traveling. Drain the plumbing system if you plan on being gone for more than a month. 
  • Shut off all electrical components. Unplug your appliances from outlets too, like phone chargers, toasters and lamps around the home. And don’t forget the Christmas lights! This will save energy, money and could help avoid a sudden short-circuit fire.  
  • If the temperature drops abnormally low, ask someone to check on your home. You can take a proactive step in helping to prevent any mishaps by having a housesitter or neighbor watch over everything, especially if you’ll be away from the property for a significant amount of time. 
  • Set the thermostat. Keeping the thermostat set to between 55 to 65 degrees can help protect your belongings, pipes and appliances during your absence. 
  • Schedule a regular furnace inspection and tune up with a professional. Proper maintenance is essential all year-long to make sure your system is working properly, safely and efficiently.

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