RighTime Orange County’s Brian Remington on KOCI Radio


Here at RighTime Home Services, we love to give back and teach the community when it comes to energy conservation and proper HVAC practices. Recently, our own General Manager, Brian Remington, joined the co-hosts of Sunday Brunch on KOCI Radio in Orange County. Brian spoke to KOCI Radio about RighTime’s recent philanthropic initiatives in the community, including our annual Think Green contest, as well as what homeowners can do to conserve energy and water year-round.

Take a look at some of the highlights and fun facts from Brian’s recent interview with KOCI Radio:

 Brian recommends that instead of waiting for the hot weather to hit, or the winter cold front to come in, homeowners should practice “preventative maintenance.” Get annual maintenance checks on your furnace and air conditioning system. RighTime Home Services can come to your home twice a year to make sure your home’s HVAC is up and running smoothly.

  •  Nearly 50%(1) of your energy bills are attributed to your heating and air conditioning use. If your bill starts to climb, it could be your HVAC system, and you should call a professional to have it checked.
  •  RighTime Home Services has approximately 350 trucks on the road in Southern California, serving 365 days a year, 24/7!
  •  RighTime holds a Think Green contest annually. We encourage students in a local school district to think outside the box and find ways to conserve energy. Most recently, RighTime held a Think Green contest with La Habra High School in the Spring of 2015(2).
  •  RighTime Home Services backs up our work 100%. If you have a problem, we’ll make sure it gets fixed to your satisfaction.

For more information on RighTime Home Services, and what we’re doing around Southern California, visit us at https://www.rightimeservices.com/locations/orange-county/ or call (714) 793-0739.

(1) http://energy.gov/energysaver/articles/tips-heating-and-cooling

(2) https://www.rightimeservices.com/orange-county/rightime-asks-la-habra-high-school-to-think-green/