Hottest Days in SoCal’s History


Temperatures have been rising rapidly in Southern California and they don’t look to be stopping any time soon. The sweltering heat wave has brought some of the hottest summer temperatures SoCal has ever seen, shattering the previous record set in 1895. Can you believe that? At RighTime Home Services, we’re always here to help you get prepared and stay cool, to get through these scorching summer months.

In recognition of this year’s high temperatures, here’s a roundup of the new record breakers across the region:

  • Burbank – 109 degrees
  • Chula Vista – 93 degrees
  • El Cajon – 104 degrees
  • Escondido – 103 degrees
  • Idyllwild – 94 degrees
  • Indio – 118 degrees
  • Palm Springs – 118 degrees
  • Ramona – 106 degrees
  • Riverside – 111 degrees
  • Sandberg – 101 degrees
  • Santa Ana – 103 degrees
  • Thermal – 119 degrees
  • Woodland Hills – 109 degrees

With hotter temperatures, it is especially crucial that your AC system is functioning properly, and RighTime Home Services can help. Always remember to set up a seasonal HVAC tune-up, change your filters regularly and watch out for any warning signs when it comes to scheduling repairs.

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