Holiday Plumbing Disasters

drainDid you know that the holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year for plumbing professionals? After devouring holiday feasts, people often toss grease, fats, oils and even bones down the sink as a convenient and quick fix during their party cleanup. The next day, pipes might begin to make odd sounds, emit an unpleasant smell or drain slower than usual. If this happens, it may be time to call your professional plumber!

As we enter the holiday season, in light of more extravagant meals and increased kitchen and home traffic, we want to advise the Southern California community to be mindful of what is going down their drains.

Our number one rule: do not pour greases, fats and oils down your drains! Instead, donate it to your local full-service recycling center or fill a can or bottle with the substance, let it harden in the fridge overnight and toss it in the trash.

Are you thinking back on your past holiday meals and realizing you did allow one, or more, of the above slip down the drain? Try these simple tricks to keep your drains and garbage disposals from incurring additional damage:

  • Pour hot water down the drain on a regular basis. This will help move grease along so it may not get stuck to the side of pipes, but this depends on the amount of grease that entered the drain.
  • Add baking soda and vinegar. To alleviate any bad smells, pour baking soda and vinegar to break up build-ups and flush with hot water.
  • Wait 10 minutes between showers. This allows slow, potentially-clogged drains to clear.

If a plumbing problem arises, or if you’re worried about your pipes and drains this holiday season, call RighTime Home Services Orange County at (714) 793-0739 or visit