Help: My AC Isn’t Cooling My Home

ac-unitHave you ever found yourself running your HVAC unit to find your home is not cooling? This is a common HVAC problem when the summer heat hits. Why? Many make the mistake of breezing through the seasons without a proper air conditioner tune-up or maintenance check. When the summer heat hits, homeowners turn their units on full blast, only to find no cool air.

Here are just a few reasons why your HVAC unit may be failing to keep you and your family cool this summer:

  • Air Filter. A dirty air filter could be to blame as it blocks the airflow, resulting in a lower flow of cold air into the home. We recommend having your air filter changed at least four times per year, or to look at it another way, at the start of each new season.
  • Ductwork. Ductwork can be poorly sealed, bent, or improperly designed, which results in your HVAC working harder in an attempt to cool your home. This extra burden on your AC can break down your unit over time and, in turn, prevent your HVAC unit from doing its job to cool the air.
  • Thermostat. The lack of cold air in your home could be a result of your thermostat settings or calibration. Since the fan goes off and on according to the set room temperature, make sure you set the thermostat to your desired temperature. If your thermostat reads that the temperature is on the correct setting and it’s still too warm, it may need to be calibrated.
  • Refrigerant. As your HVAC unit ages, the unit’s refrigerant can leak small amounts, especially when it is not checked, changed and sealed. Without enough refrigerant, the HVAC unit cannot effectively cool the home. Call your HVAC professional to check the refrigerant levels in your unit.

If you notice that your home is not staying cool, yet your air conditioning unit is still running, it is definitely time to call a professional. To schedule an appointment with your local RighTime Home Services professional in Orange County, give us a call at (714) 793-0469 or visit us online at