Benefits of Filtered Water on Your Laundry


With all of the recent weather swings here in Southern California, its hard to believe that its already March! It is time to start breaking out your spring attire and get ready for the warm months ahead. As you begin wearing and washing your spring attire, it is important to recognize the effects your water may have on them. If you start to notice your clothes feeling uncomfortable or the material deteriorating after washing, it may be a sign that the quality of your water needs some attention. We’re here to help you through it!

Water systems provide two types of water, hard water and soft water. Hard water contains a large quantity of dissolved minerals that can damage your clothes and potentially dry out your skin. Whereas, soft water is treated and only contains sodium, leaving your clothes and skin unharmed. The first step is to ask your local plumber for a water check. He or she can tell you the quality of your water, based on where you live, your system and more. From there, look into installing a water softener to treat the existing minerals found in hard water, if needed.

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