4 Tips to Prep Your Home for Spring Weather

spring-air-conditioning-maintenanceWith warmer weather fast arriving, it is time to consider doing some basic maintenance on your air conditioning system. During the winter season, your air conditioner can be affected by low temperatures and harsh conditions. Cleaning and repairing your unit as we move into the spring season will help ensure your air conditioning system is working when you need it the most.
So how can you get ready for warmer weather? Here are four steps to take this season:

  • Change the air filters: It is important to change indoor air filters every time the seasons change. During especially cold winters when you’re running the heater frequently, the air filter can gather more dust and debris than normal. In turn, a dirty filter can prevent your air conditioning from working efficiently and can increase energy usage as it works harder to move air through your home.
  • Check the condition of your outside equipment: Having a clean and maintained condenser on the outside portion of the air conditioner is another way to be ready for the spring season. Clearing any leaves, weeds, branches, dust or debris around the condenser can help improve performance.
  • Clean supply vents: Make sure both supply vents and return air grills are open and dust free. Removing pet hair and dust that was accumulated during the winter by vacuuming can improve the air quality inside your home.
  • Schedule air conditioning maintenance: Contact your air conditioning and heating professionals to make a more thorough inspection of your HVAC unit to avoid any issues this spring and summer.

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