How Well Do You Know Your HVAC Unit?

HVAC-UnitHomeowners: Would you consider yourself knowledgeable about your HVAC unit? Our experience is that many homeowners in the Orange County area would not consider themselves proficient when it comes to the details of their HVAC system.

The experts at RighTime Home Services Orange County want to share some key terms and tips to help demystify your HVAC system for you.

HVAC: First, the basics. What does HVAC stand for anyway? Many homeowners are familiar with the acronym, yet not sure what it means. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. But, of course!

Modulation: This term refers to the variable-speed of the fan inside the AC’s unit. This modulation is the component of the unit that allows the flow of cool or hot air through the ducts.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio: Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, also known as SEER, is the amount of energy required to give a certain cooling output. The higher the SEER rating of your HVAC unit, the more efficient your system will be in converting energy to cooling your home. Air Conditioner efficiency has improved each year. In fact, the SEER rating currently is 40 percent1 higher than previous standards. When it comes time to replace the system, the experts at RighTime Orange County can fully advise you on the SEER rating of all available units on the market today.

Ducts: Ducts make up a controlled path in HVAC units to deliver and remove air, ensuring effective distribution throughout your home when properly configured.

Air Filters: Air filters are used in the heating and air conditioning system to ensure that clean air is circulated throughout your home. When air flows through the air filters, dust or other particles that can contaminate the air are filtered out. It is imperative to keep your air filters clean to ensure that they can continue keeping your air clean.

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