Home Cooling Myths: Debunked

With the official start of summer on June 21st, the hot weather and high temperatures have hit Orange County and all of southern California. This summer is bound to be a scorcher, and the experts at RighTime Home Services have the scoop on debunking home cooling myths.

Myth: “Fans Will Cool Your Home”

Whether it’s a floor fan or a ceiling fan, these “cooling” devices don’t do much when it comes to making the room temperature drop in the room. While these fans might help you feel cooler, they don’t actually cool the room or home temperature overall. That is why it is key to have a proper functioning air conditioning unit to ensure your house will be cool and ready to go for the hot summer weather.

Myth: “Turning the Thermostat Down By A Significant Amount Will Cool Your Home Faster”

Lowering the temperature on the thermostat by a drastic amount doesn’t mean the HVAC unit is going to cool your home any faster. It takes time for the HVAC unit to work, and decreasing the temperature too quickly could actually cause your unit to work slower. There is no magic button to make your home cool in seconds, especially when it has been incredibly warm in the house.

Myth: “Turning Your Air Off While You’re on Vacation Will Save Energy”

It is a common misconception that turning off your HVAC unit while you are away on vacation will save energy, since the unit is not actively running. While you will save energy during a short time away, it will actually take up more energy to cool the home when you get back, because the HVAC unit has to work harder catching up. Keep your home at 78 degrees during the hot days to save on energy and money.

Myth: “The Bigger AC, The Better”

Bigger doesn’t always mean better. Your unit should be sized properly for your home and your usage by a professional using a complex load calculator. Before upgrading to a larger HVAC unit, be sure to have routine maintenance done on your current HVAC unit. This can also prevent the HVAC system from having inefficient or unreliable operation in the long term.

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