The ARS Network Announces National Partnership with Nest

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American Residential Services (ARS), a Memphis, Tenn. based, privately-held national provider of air conditioning, heating and plumbing services, has partnered with Nest Labs, Inc. to include the Nest Learning Thermostat as a standard component of most of its middle and upper tier residential HVAC system installations. ARS will also offer professional installation of Nest Thermostats as an optional upgrade when performing service and preventative maintenance in previously installed systems.

“We are delighted to be recognized as a Nest Pro Elite partner across our network of more than 70 service centers. As a national leader in the residential HVAC and plumbing industry, ARS service centers can now leverage this exciting technology enabling homes to be smarter and more energy-efficient,” says Luis Orbegoso, President and COO of ARS. “The benefits that a smart and connected home offers are very compelling. This partnership will allow us to offer even more value to our customers with Nest’s cutting-edge, yet approachable technology.”

“While Nest products are designed so that homeowners can choose to install themselves, Nest wants to make it easy for those who’d prefer to take advantage of the benefits of a pro installation,” says Gene LaNois, Head of Professional Channel, Nest. “ARS shares our passion for enabling the thoughtful home, and we’re excited that they will be incorporating the Nest Thermostat into their installation offerings.”

The Nest Thermostat learns the temperatures a homeowner prefers and then programs itself. Independent studies have shown that the Nest Thermostat saves homeowners on average 10-12% on heating and 15% on cooling costs. Nest’s algorithms allow customers to monitor their energy history daily, in addition to receiving an easy-to-understand monthly report. The Nest Thermostat will also alert homeowners in the event it detects certain problems with the home’s HVAC system.

The Nest Thermostat and other Nest products are now available at all ARS Network branches that provide HVAC services and installations.

ABOUT AMERICAN RESIDENTIAL SERVICES: Based in Memphis, Tenn., privately-owned ARS operates a network of more than 70 locally-managed service centers in 23 states, with approximately 6,500 employees. The ARS network features industry-leading brands including, A.J. Perri, Aksarben ARS, Allgood, Andy’s Statewide, ARS, Aspen Air Conditioning, Atlas Trillo, Beutler, Blue Dot, Brothers, Columbus Worthington Air, Comfort Heating & Air, Conway Services, Efficient Attic Systems (EAS), Florida Home Air Conditioning, Green Star Home Services, McCarthy Services, Rescue Rooter/ Proserv, Rescue Rooter, RighTime Home Services, RS Andrews, The Irish Plumber, Unique Services, “Will” Fix It, and Yes! Air Conditioning and Plumbing. United by Exceptional Service®, the ARS / Rescue Rooter Network serves both residential and light commercial customers by providing heating, cooling, indoor air quality, plumbing, drain cleaning, sewer line, radiant barrier, insulation and ventilation services. Each location has a knowledgeable team of trained specialists, who have undergone rigorous drug testing and criminal background checks. Providing exceptional service and ensuring the highest standards of quality, ARS has the experience to do any job right – the first time, with all work fully guaranteed.


From Left to Right: Chris Mellon, CMO & SVP (ARS); Dave Slott, CEO (ARS); Luis Orbegoso, President & COO (ARS); Marwan Fawaz, CEO (Nest); Peter Simpson, Digital Director (ARS); Jim McMahon, CFO (ARS)

Description: ARS Leadership Team Visits Nest Headquarters to Announce National Partnership

Rightime Team

Plumbing Myths

Plumbing Myths | Rightime Home Services

Plumbing Myths | Rightime Home Services

In the plumbing industry, it can be hard to differentiate the facts from fiction. Is plumbing an easy fix? Do you need to call a professional? What classifies as a plumbing emergency?

RighTime Home Services is here to debunk five common plumbing myths. We’ll share our expertise on how (and how not) to correctly maintain your plumbing system!

MYTH: A Leaky Faucet is Common
Not only can a small leak cost you big money, but it’s also bad for the environment. Being in California, the drought is always top of mind. Water shortages are becoming a big problem in certain parts of the West, so it’s a good idea to have a faucet leak fixed as soon as possible.

MYTH: Lemons Are a Great Way to Clean Your Disposal
While running a lemon rind may make your drain smell fresher, it won’t actually clean or help it. Lemon rinds can actually clog your drain if you’re not careful. An effective way to disinfect a garbage disposal, other than calling your plumbing professional, is to use a cleaning solution of mild soap and warm water.

MYTH: Anything Can Go Down the Garbage Disposal
Not everything. There’s a pretty long list of things that don’t belong in your disposal. For example, fibrous foods, grease, egg shells, bones and carcasses, and more. Guess what? Even pasta and rice are not garage disposal friendly. Make it easier on yourself and your plumbing professional, and throw it in the trash can.

MYTH: Flush Disposable Wipes in the Toilet
Unfortunately, many wipes, even the ones that are advertised as flushable, are not biodegradable the same way that toilet paper is. This can end up causing a lot of problems over time, and can completely clog your pipes. Again, better to be safe and throw them in the trash.

MYTH: A Plunger Can Unclog Anything
Plungers are great for small clogs. The problem is, most use a plunger improperly and think the problem is fixed. If a small clog isn’t handled, it could get worse and cause an overflow. Make sure you have septic-safe toilet paper, which can save you from grabbing for the plunger. Next time your plumber makes a visit, ask for instructions on how to use a plunger.

What are your plumbing myths? We’re here to debunk them. Keep reading our blog for the next round of myths vs. facts.

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Does Turning Your AC Off Save Money?

AC | Rightime Home Services

AC | Rightime Home Services

The summer temperatures cause everyone to fear the electric bill! There is one common HVAC myth we hear this time of year – that turning the air conditioner off while you are out of the house will save money, and cut the costs of your electric bill. So, is this myth true or false?

Well, it depends. When it comes to this myth, everything from the size of your home, the age of your unit, the location and climate can affect how we truly say, “true or false.”

For a small apartment with a brand-new unit, turning your air on and off won’t make a huge impact on your bill. For someone who lives in a mild, beach climate and only uses their unit sparingly, again, turning your unit on and off throughout the summer won’t affect your bill tremendously. But, if you live in a large family home, and you’re working to cool large parts of it, turning your AC off in the heat of summer can actually cost you more. When temperatures are high, your HVAC is working overtime to cool down the home. Instead of switching off, try turning up your AC 7 or 8 degrees when you leave home. This will make it feel comfortable when you return, and put less stress and wear on your AC unit. You can actually save up to 10% on your cooling costs just by turning up the AC1.

Give RighTime Home Services a call today at (714)-793-0739 and we can give you our expert opinion on how to save money and energy during the rest of the summer. Visit us at


Summer Savings Tips

Summer Money Saving Tips | RighTime Home Services

Summer Money Saving Tips | RighTime Home Services

Air conditioners cost U.S. homeowners more than $29 billion each year, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Just because summer temperatures are quickly rising doesn’t mean your air conditioning bill should too! We know that you’ll be using your air conditioning system to its full potential these next few months, so here are some tips on how to manage your monthly bill.

  1. Keep the outside of your home cool. Give your house some shade and gain a green thumb by planting trees and other various plants to help soak up the sun. Make sure to plant on the side of your home that gets the most direct sunlight. Reducing the heat on your home can further increase the efficiency of your air conditioning, which will keep your energy costs down.
  2. Use shades, blinds, and screens. To make the inside of your home even cooler, use shades and blinds to block out the heat. If you have curtains, they will provide additional blockage. You can even consider purchasing a solar screen, which can block between 70 to 90 percent of UV rays.
  3. Raise your AC when you leave. Set your air conditioning temperature to 78 degrees when you’re at home. When you leave your house for work or even when you go to sleep at night, let that temperature rise a few degrees. Raising the temperature on your thermostat when your house is vacant can save up to 15% on your bill, according to the Department of Energy.
  4. Use ceiling and floor fans. Buying an inexpensive floor fan can help save you money and keep you prepared if your air conditioning ever breaks down. Moving air can keep you cooler than an AC as it removes sweat and heat from your body more quickly. Combining a fan with air conditioning usage can save on overall energy costs.
  5. Invest in quality maintenance. Your air conditioning’s components require regular maintenance. Having a poorly working air conditioner can actually drive up the cost of your bill, as it emits more energy to stay powered. Call your local air conditioning professionals and set up routine checkups to ensure maximum quality air conditioning and to avoid breakdowns. A professional technician should be able to check for any leaks, airflow, and examine the refrigerant.

If you have any questions or concerns about your home’s HVAC unit, or if you would like to schedule an appointment with RighTime Home Services in Southern California to give your HVAC system a tune-up, visit our team at

How to Prevent Pollen from Entering Your Home This Summer

Prevent Pollen and Allergies In Your Home | Rightime Home Services

Prevent Pollen and Allergies In Your Home | Rightime Home Services

If you suffer from allergies, you know that summer can be one of the worst seasons for symptoms. Pollen levels are so high that you dread walking to the mailbox. However, if your allergies continue to bother you inside your home, you may be tracking that same pollen indoors.

Fear not, allergy sufferers. We’re here to provide four ways to help prevent outdoor allergens from entering your home to keep you allergy free.

If your pets are frequently playing outside in the grass, they should be rinsed off or given a bath right before they enter your house.

  • Dogs especially have fur that traps pollen easily, and when they come into your home and shake, lay or even play, they release all that pollen into your home. Since Southern California summers can be brutal, pets can’t just be left outdoors, so make sure they are cleaned of pollen before they return inside.

Shower and wash your clothing after spending time outside.

  • Just like our pets, our hair and clothing can catch pollen from outside. To reduce the amount of allergens that can enter your home, throw your clothes into the wash after spending time outdoors and then shower any allergens that could be trapped in your hair. Pollen can get trapped in pillows, couches and even carpet.

Keep your windows closed.

  • The fresh air might be nice, but it could bring in dust, pollen and other summer allergens.

Replace your home’s air filter.

  • It is recommended to replace your home’s air filter every 60 days. Replacing it more frequently, such as every month, can help relieve your allergies and keep your home clean from dust.

To learn more about how to prevent pollen from entering your home, or to schedule an air conditioning inspection, give RighTime Home Services a call at (951) 643-0492 or visit us online at

What Earthquakes Can Do to Your Plumbing

Chances are if you live in Southern California, you’re familiar with earthquakes, and most likely, you’ve experienced one. Earthquakes can pose major issues to your home, but what about to your plumbing? That’s right, earthquakes can cause damage to your home’s plumbing system, even if it’s small. The most vulnerable section of your plumbing system (and most important) is the water line, which is the section that is most likely to be affected by an earthquake.

So, how can you protect your plumbing and water line in the event of an earthquake? Here are a few tips to help you stay in the clear:

  • Know Where the Shut-Off Valves Are in Your Home: If a large earthquake does hit, prevent flooding by locating your shut-off valves, shutting off your water, just as a safety precaution. Do the same with your gas line, and locate your main gas line’s shut-off valve to prevent any leaking, or potential emergency situations.
  • Replace Water Lines: Brand new water lines are more likely to withstand an earthquake than older ones. Older water lines exhibit problems such as leaks, which make them weaker during an earthquake. If water lines are starting to show these signs of ware, replace them as soon as possible.
  • Schedule Annual Plumbing Inspection and Maintenance: Your home’s plumbing system is more susceptible to damage after an earthquake, especially if it has not been inspected and cared for regularly. Catching problems with your plumbing early on can help you to make sure that your plumbing and water lines are in the best condition in the event of an earthquake. To ensure your plumbing is in the best condition, it is suggested to have maintenance and inspections performed on it at least once a year.

To learn more about the effect earthquakes have on your home, or to schedule an annual plumbing inspection, give RighTime Home Services a call at (951) 643-0492 or visit us online at

Most Common Home Emergencies in the Summer

Summer is a great time to relax and enjoy the warm weather outside. But, it’s also a time when your home is more susceptible to harm. From the heat waves that can cause your HVAC to break down, to buildup in the bathroom, RighTime Home Services is here to help! When it comes to summer home emergencies, we know a thing or two.

With that, see below for two common issues to watch out for when it comes to your home’s HVAC and plumbing system:

1. My Air Conditioning Unit Broke Down

Having your air conditioner break down is never convenient, especially not when it’s the hottest time of the year. The heat is enough to make anyone uncomfortable, but try to keep your cool when handling this situation! If your air conditioning unit has stopped working, the first step is to shut it off completely. If the unit continues to try to function when something is wrong, it can cause even more issues. After you have shut off the air completely, give your local air conditioning and heating professionals a call to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. To avoid summer breakdowns, we recommend routine maintenance checks prior to every seasonal change throughout the year.

2. Help! I’m Having Summer Plumbing Issues

You love having the kids home for the summer. For most families, summer means more family members in the house, and more water usage. Added toilet use, shower use and more. Who knows what might get flushed down the toilet. When you live in California, a day at the beach is common. Sand, sunscreen and hair can add to plumbing buildup. Watch out for clogged pipes, extreme water usage and higher water bills, some of the most common complaints we hear in the summer.

If you’d like to learn more about how to prep your home for summer emergencies in the home, give RighTime Home Services a call at (714) 793-9346 or visit us online at

Congrats! Winners of the Think Green Contest

The fifth annual “Think Green” Contest has ended! On Saturday, April 29, we announced our winners handed out prizes to these lucky students. Each year, we’re overjoyed to see the look on the kids’ faces as they accept their awards, and tell us more about why they entered the contest.

We wanted to take a moment to recognize both our winners and our runner-ups from the 2017 contest. Your creativity continues to amaze us!

  • 1st First Place High School – Matthew Schork, Temecula Valley High School. Awarded $500 for his essay on how the district can save money and energy by “going off the grid” with solar solutions. Matthew is a three-time winner!
  • Runner-Up: Ashley Ippolito of Temecula Valley High School
  • 1st Place Middle School – Jaden Whitson, Temecula Middle School. Awarded $300 for his essay and poster presentation on using a subterranean coal plant and an aboveground carbon dioxide greenhouse to produce more energy, while helping the ozone layer.
  • Runner-Up: Cristina Scott of Bella Vista Middle School
  • 1st Place Elementary School – Beau G. Ritter, Tony Tobin Elementary School. Awarded $200 for his essay and picture presentation of using donated or home grown fruits and vegetables to make energy. Beau is a two-time winner!
  • Runner-Up: Jake Hart of Paloma Elementary School

RighTime Home Services first partnered with the TEF in 2013 when the “Think Green” Contest originated as a way to give back to the Temecula Unified School District, raise awareness about energy conservation and encourage students to recognize the impact they can make on our environment. Each year, the students have fully embraced this challenge by bringing fresh and creative ideas to the table, and the submissions this year were no exception.

To learn more about RighTime Home Services and the “Think Green” Contest visit us at or give us a call at (951) 643-0492.

Summer Home Prep

Sunglasses on the Beach

Sunglasses on the Beach

Summer is just a few weeks away! It’s time to get your home prepared for the change of season in Southern California. Don’t know where to start? We’re here to help.

We’ll provide you with some steps you can take to help possibly lower your monthly electric bills, get your home in shape for the summer heat and keep your HVAC running smoothly all summer long.

  • It never fails that air conditioners like to give out during the summer, leaving your home feeling like a personal sauna. Replacing an HVAC system can be costly, so it’s important to have your air conditioning system checked before the summer begins. Contact your local home service professionals to schedule a check up and make sure you’re running efficiently and properly before the heat hits.
  • Replacing your air filter regularly will help clear your vents, and make sure that any large debris or particles don’t stop your AC from functioning properly. It’s also important to clean up any dirt around your main unit or exhausts.
  • Try changing your ceiling fan rotation to counter clockwise. This will ensure that the heat stays risen and should get a breeze going in any room.
  • Southern California is known to have high temperatures during the day and cooler temperatures at night. Try leaving your air conditioning set to 78 during the day while at work, school or running errands, and as the night flows in, leave your windows open to get that cool summer breeze. This is a cost-effective way to stay comfortable without racking up your electric bill.

There are many ways to prepare your home for the summer, but you can start by conducting a home energy audit to see how much energy you really use and where most of it is being generated. Give RighTime Home Services a call at (714)-793-0739 so we can give you our expert opinion on great ways to save energy without putting a hole in your pocket! Visit us at

Skin Irritations? Try Filtered Water

Filtered Water

Filtered Water

Did you know that rising temperatures often mean an increase in water consumption and usage? Whether to stay cool, hydrated or simply wash off from a day at the beach or pool, water usage in the home quickly rises when summer hits. The quality of your in-home water could have a direct impact on your health and comfort. As we mentioned in a previous blog post, poor water quality can change the texture of your clothes, but what many people don’t realize is that skin and hair can be affected in the same way, especially for young and delicate skin types.

While occasional dry and irritated skin is common with a change in temperature, many homeowners forget to take the quality of water into account. Water quality is measured by the type and amount of dissolved minerals found in the water, and then placed into one of two categories: hard water or soft water. When water contains a high number of dissolved minerals, it is known as hard water, which can leave a light residue that could clog your pores and cause skin irritations on delicate skin. Soft water is treated water that contains only sodium, leaving your skin and hair unharmed. By keeping your water filtered and treated, you can prevent unwanted skin irritations and discomfort while cleansing and enjoying those outdoor water activities all summer long.

The experts here at RighTime Home Services recommend scheduling an appointment for a water check to ensure a safe and comfortable season for you and your family. Our professionals are here to help and answer any questions or concerns for our customers to help you feel confident about your home’s HVAC and plumbing system.

f you’d like to learn more about the quality of in-home water and its effects on your skin, or would like to schedule a service appointment, give RighTime Home Services a call at (714) 793-9346 or visit us online at